The Promise of Home

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:Jeremiah 23:1-82nd in this Advent sermon series

The Promise of Comfort

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:Isaiah 40:1-11First Sermon in the Advent Series called "Prophecy is More Than Prediction"

Living By the Rising Sun

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:Scripture for the Day:Romans 13:8-14

If the Church Were Christian Part 7

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:Are meetings needs of persons more important than keeping an institution alive?

If the Church Were Christian, Part 1

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:Rev Peter HeyChapter 1 of the book entitled: "If the Church Were Christian: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus" by author Philip Gulley.

When We Pray

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:Matthew 6:5-13

Triumphant Entry

Rev. Peter Hey

4/9/17 Wesley United Methodist Church, Concord, NHRev. Peter Hey 4-9-2017 PALM SUNDAY!

Prevenient Grace

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:In this sermon, Rev. Hey begins a three-part series on Grace by discussing prevenient grace.

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:January 29. 2017This is the final sermon in the series "Beyond Half Truths." The scripture is Luke 18:10-14. "Love the sinner, hate the sin" is a phrase that is often heard, but the phrase is a half-truth. It is not found in the Bible and can create as many problems as it solves.

God Said It, I Believe it, That Settles It

Faith Greene


Description:Faith Greene delivers a thought-provoking sermon in the Half-Truths series.

A Journey Toward the Common Good

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:This sermon is based on Matthew 1:18-25, a passage of scripture about Joseph coming to terms with Mary’s pregnancy and discerning God’s will in a troubling circumstance. The following quote from Vincent Donovan beautifully sums up the mission of Jesus’ life and the Christian calling: “Our goal is not to leave others where they are now…nor is it to bring them to the place where we are now…our goal is to invite others to journey together toward a new place none of us has ever seen."

A Journey Toward Life: Hagar

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:Genesis 21:8-21On this 2nd Sunday of advent, Rev. Hey explores the Story of Hagar, who is enslaved in the household of Abraham and Sarah. Hers is a journey toward freedom. Rev. Hey reminds us that love is a path to freedom.

Advent Journey: Abraham

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:On this first Sunday of Advent, Rev. Hey invites us to journey toward more authentic Christian living, as we await the presence of Jesus.

All-In: Invited to Give

Rev. Peter Hey


Description:November 20, 2016At this time of the year, when the church is planning for next year's goals for transforming the church and the world, Rev. Hey speaks on stewardship. In this sermon, he preaches about the “Parable of the Talents” found in Matthew 25:14-28.