Wesley is an inclusive church family

Persons of all races, ages, abilities, and sexual orientations are welcomed

as full participants in the life and mission of this congregation.

We strive to quiet the conflict among all people by creating a compelling environment that fosters spirituality, community engagement, and social justice.

We  Grow with God  through fellowship, study, discussion, personal growth and spiritual enrichment.  Come  join us !  

  • N.E.S.T.

    At Wesley, a “NEST” is a small group of church friends where people can belong, be supported, and explore Christian faith and its implications for daily living. It's a place to share life, to collectively do good, and to grow together as members of the family of God.  

    For more info about Wesley NESTs, or for help in joining/building one, please contact Bill Broadrick (bill@concordwumc.org) or call the church office at 224-7413. 

  • Adult Sunday School

    Study and discussion of a selected book of the Bible, currently we're studying Isaiah.  No homework!  The class reads the text aloud and discusses it during class. We welcome visitors at any time!   The online class, led by Byron Champlin is at:  ZOOM LINK  Passcode: 003935.   In parallel to Byron's class, Ben Venator leads an in-person class at 9:00 am  in the Parlor.


    Online or in the Church Parlor, 9:00 am, Sundays, September - June

  • Pastor's BIBLE Study

    Periodically, the Pastor leads a study on a book selected to have some important ideas and information related to Faith, Religion, Scripture, Christ, Etc. 

  • Women's Inspirational Book Study

    Discussion based upon reading of a group selected book

    Fellowship, learning, sharing of thoughts and insights

    Church Parlor, 9:00 a.m., 3rd Saturday each month, September - June

  • READ That! Society Book Club

    Occasional book club on any book the group chooses!

    Please contact the church office if interested (603-224-7413).

  • MusiC

    The Wesley Choir and the Electric Praise Band sing most Sundays during Sanctuary worship and the Jubellation Handbell Choir rings about once a month. The Adult Sacred Dancers perform occasionally for special occasions.  To learn more about participating in Wesley Choir, see Ben Greene (bengreene820@gmail.com). For Handbells, please speak to Lynne Lemay, for Electric Praise, see Alan Schulte.

Making Wesley Your Church Home  

Becoming a member  If you are interested in learning about Wesley Church, the United Methodist Church, or church membership, please contact the Pastor by calling the church number (603-224-7413).

Baptism  The United Methodist Church baptizes infants in preparation for becoming full members through later confirmation classes. If you want to have your baby baptized, please call the church office to set up a meeting with the Pastor (603-224-7413). Adults and older youth who are joining Wesley are invited to be baptized as well.

Confirmation   A confirmation class offers youth a chance to explore their faith on a deeper level. Confirmation classes are for youth in Grade 7 or higher.

Wedding  Do you have a wedding coming up, but don't have a home church? We hope Wesley will feel like home to you. Please join us for Sunday worship, and if you feel a connection, speak to the Pastor about your wedding. The Pastor will schedule pre-marital counseling and work with you to plan your big day.